Firearms Section Overview.



Lead Free Shotgun Rifle/Air Rifle Ammunition Legisation.

We all know its coming & need to be prepared so this is my progress so far.


6mm and 7mm Lead Free Bullet Testing & Development For Stalking / Vermin Applications.

I have been working on both 6mm and 7mm calibres recently with Barnes TSX / TTSX & my own AGT bullets to develop

an accurate load to replace the lead versions currently used.

So far I have an accurate load in:

.243 calibre with 80gn TSX above the 1700ftlbs legal limit.

7mm 120gn TTSX above 1800ftlbs.

AGT lead free copper tipped 80gn bullets.
I have designed my own lead free bullet design for .243 calibre, based on a 80gn bullet copper headed.
The first on range test worked well, with getting the correct FPS I needed, together with accuracy within
12 test cartridges.
Fortunately I was able to retrieve the rounds to examine for expansion, which is at present
being analyzed & tweaked to get the best possible results. I am happy that they will
do the job now,
but just want to check out some slight variations, terminal expansion seems to be the major beef with most users.
We all want a bullet that will work as well as its lead alternatives.


AGT bullet

Lead free bullets


12 bore shotgun choke modifications to accept steel shot.

The reamers & honing tooling have been either sourced or made to enable me to modify the chokes on an AYA Boxlock No4

to be able to test some suitable steel shot alternatives & be ready when the legal requirements come into force.

This has now been done with both barrels reamed and honed to 1/4 choke. I will probably start steel shot testing using Eley cartridges.

Initial Pattern Test results next test at 30 yds.

Next stage then is extensive tests on clays.

pattern test

Long Range Fullbore Rifle Modifications & Development.

I am able to offer technical advice on the development & testing of full bore rifles intended for shooting 100yds to 1000yds.

This covers from an initial inspection of the rifle to estabilish its long range capabilities to carrying out any modifications

including fitting long range scope rails & providing MOA data to achieve accurate shooting on target at your required distance.


I shoot on a regular basis calibres from .243 to .308 at distances up to 1000yds.

I am lucky to have my own machining capabilties which means all work is done on site.

If this is of interest to you then please do not hesitate to contact me.

Fullbore Rifle Shooting Instruction On A One To One Basis.

NRA Qualified Club Instructor/ Range Safety Officer offering one to one instruction on ballistics, FPS output & getting

your required scope settings.

Instruction essential to get your accurate results at any ranges from 100 to 1000yds.

If this is of interest to you then please do not hesitate to contact me.


Target Rifle Reloading Tuition & Custom Load Development.

I can offer you advice & tuition on reloading your cartridges safely to shoot at extended ranges.


Factory ammuntion can very rarely gives you the consistency and accuracy needed.

If this is of interest to you then please do not hesitate to contact me.

Offering specialised work on specific target application centrefire rifles.

I Shoot Full Bore Target to 1000yds plus, gaining a fair degree of both technical & practical knowledge on the subject.

Loading my own ammuntion, formulating & logging the data to cope with the challenges of long range target shooting.

If I can help you in this specialised field, then please do not hesitate to email me.



Firearms Target Rifle Testing & Evaulation.

The Testing Zeroing and Inspection of centre fire type firearms both new & old which are used primarily for target shooting.
Access to 100 yds range for this purpose, the ability to fully test & evaluate without interruption.

Firearms Target Rifle Load & Accuracy Development.

Using Quickload & Quick Target Load Development.
Testing loads - recording data - production of accurate loads to suit target requirements.
High Tech on board chrono testing equipment to record all the test firing data & giving both an accurate and SAFE load.


QuickLoad ballistics programme to calculate a safe and practical load & evaluating the range and accuracy.

Marchscope equipment for FPS chronographing & logging data for rifles up to .308 calibre.

Custom Manufactured Firearms Target Rifle Rear Bag Riders & Stocks.

The In house manufacture and design of Full Bore Target Rifle Rear Bag Riders and Stock Accessories.


My latest project .243 Stainless steel barrel and reciever in a custom stock

& some radical changes.


Browning X bolt

The Build
A .243 Browning X Bolt stainless steel reciever and 22 inch 1:10 twist barrel.

I first manufactured a NEW trigger housing and designing this with a lighter pull

Next stage was a custom alloy stock which will be anodised Metallic purple eventually
after zeroing and testing.
Shooting this to 1000yds at Bisley. So far it seems to work well at a 1000yds in the present setup.
I did have major issues getting the scope windage alignment which I can only assume was due to the original

locating holes for the rail. I had to make custom mounts to cure a 15MOA windage error which at 1000yds
Gave me a serious problem.
Target results.

1000 yds Bisley went well. Must say the 100gn Seirra Gameking gave me 2 vee bulls and is certainly a contender.

Recoil is not a problem here being .243 with my custom moderator/muzzle brake design.
Using a good solid CNC Arnold Precision Bipod & Bag Rider.

Load testing and new powder testing due to REACH compliant regulations so starting all over again.

Powders chosen were Enduron 4166 and Vit N550/540 to cover .308 and .243.
With the .223 it already is very happy running on Vit N140.








Savage FT/R 30 inch Barrel Single Shot Target Rifle.
Complete With Bag Rider, 32x Scope & 25MOA Rail.


Savage FTR


Vee Bulls


9 Vee bulls and one 5 scored at 1000yds sort of accuracy you can achieve with specialist loading.

I sold my own and the works .308 rifles and decided to go for something I always wanted. A heavy 30 inch barrel with a short action.
What an accurate piece of kit it is, giving me around 140FPS faster on my loading and easily taking on the 1000yds in her stride.
Currently shooting 155 MK Palma / 155TMK bullets at around 3050FPS & 175 MK TMK at 2850FPS.

I have actually got room to come down in power for the first time ever and just need to sort out my nodal points & groups
fine tuning the load. Almost there just a bit of fine tuning needed.
Recoil is not a problem here with a good solid CNC Arnold Precision Bipod and a Bag Rider.
6 VEE BULLS last time out and hope to improve on this score



Marlin XL7 .223 Slightly Non Standard!!!!!!!!



marlin  XL7



Changing the synthetic stock was the first move as I found it touched the barrel, ruining the rifles harmonics
with the annoying habit of twisting on the bipod, even after I strengthened the stock internal channel.

My stock I machined from a solid aircraft grade alloy & then adding the butt and pistol grip from ABS.
The muzzle brake is Stainless Steel 316 grade precision designed & manufactured to a very tight tolerance
internally giving me just .007" (.17mm) clearance over the actual bullet dia SCARY STUFF!!!

Testing it at 100yds it will group within a 14mm circle, any error is down to me trigger pulling slightly to the right
(one of my nasty habits).
Recoil has to be seen to be believed, almost a fluid action very minimal.

I now have a rifle that will shoot to 600yds accurately constantly hitting VEE BULLS.
Load Development tested and proved JOB DONE
By the way I shoot both on a bag and a custom Arnold Precision CNC Bipod.


Marlin XL7 .223 Accuracy



Test target






Marlin XL7 .223 Custom Scope Mounts


I made a custom scope rail which is 2 stage adjustable.This gives me my standard shooting setting for 100 to 600 yards.

I developed a load based on 77grain Seirra TMK bullet heads and tested initially for my twist rate which is 1:9.

At 600 yds it proved to be perfect both in terms of vee bulls gained and stability, going throughthe target straight

as a die.

I proved my rail by initially bore sighting at 100yds and calculating out precisely my 600 yd MOA

with both the 1st and 2nd stage settings. My initial calculations were out by only 4MOA at a 100 yds 4 inches,

not bad for bore sighting by eye, and a figure I usually can achieve or better with my precise methods.
So testing both 1st & 2nd stage at 600 yds was nearly perfect and a testiment to accurate machining and accurately proved calculations/ballistics.

Marlin XL7 .223 Long Range Shooting 900yds!!!!!

I went to Bisley early February with the long range crowd, and took my .223 Marlin along. We were scheduled
to shoot 1000yds but re-turfing the firing point put us forward to 900yds. Most of the group thought
me shooting this calibre
long range was going to end in tears.

Using my calculations and a 2 stage adjustable mount system I designed and manufactured my first shot was recorded
as low off target.Making a 4 MOA correction put me high left which left me a little bemused.
Anyway accepted the call from the butts and fired 2 more shots un-corrected which were placed in the same ball park.

Wind level was 3 to 7MPH right to left headwind approx 30 degrees towards me so very helpful with this calibre.
I shot around 40 rounds and have come away being very pleased, with several vee bull and inners to my credit.

I now have to just refine the loads slightly , and next time will be shooting 1000yds & chronographing the results
to check ES and SD figures.

I have sucessfully shot this combo to 900 Metres at Warminster, which as you know is only 16yds short of 100yds.

Target Score Record Below

900yds score





Savage Stainless Steel Barrel .22 Rimfire 10 Shot Mag.
Slightly Modified From The Standard ABS Stock.
Sporting My Own Custom Made Stock, Rear Bag Rider & Barrel Tuning Damping Collar.

Savage Stainless Steel Barrel .22 Rimfire.

I bought this one fitted with a standard ABS stock which was light as a kite and rather short with the usual type of sporter design.
Sort of ok but not for anything accurate.
I did some work on the trigger which is much improved and will be fitting a custom made magazine probably 20 shot.
Now sporting an Arnold Precision Bipod and a nice sidewinder scope with 100mm shade. At present its running with a Parker Hale Moderator & I will be designing my own later.
My Custom Made Barrel Tuning Damping Collar.
I am now able to fine tune the nodal position with its prefered ammo Fiocchi high velocity get tight target groups at 100yds plus.
Custom made Airguntune Rear Bag Rider which gives me pin point scope accuracy with very little deviation.
It now feel like a proper target rifle and similar to my .223 and .308 calibres.
I will publish my improved groups later after the next club shoot.


savage 22


Rear Bag Rider Design & Development.

Rear Bag Rider.

I bought my latest Savage FTR target rifle complete with a Rear Bag Rider & I must say this has improved my shooting.
It has smoothed out the recoil and is giving me constant accurate Vee Bulls out to 1000yds.
The Rear Bag Rider has not gone un-noticed by other shooters who say these popular add ons are either hard to get hold of, or very expensive.
I decided to take up the challenge and make one for my Savage .22 Custom rimfire rifle.
And I must say WHAT AN IMPROVEMENT!!!!!
Custom Designing and manufacturing Airguntune Rear Bag Riders to suit individual rifles.

Bag Slider

Muzzle Brake Design & Development.

Muzzle Brake.

I successfully design & manufacture muzzle brakes for Full Bore Target Rifles.
These work very well indeed improving both acuracy and reduce felt recoil.
I would advise that you check with your RCO Range Conducting Officer before using a Muzzle Brake.

Muzzle brake