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Air Arms FTP900 full trigger rebuild service & new regulator.

Hi Mike,
Managed to shoot the ftp900 yesterday in a club comp I didn’t manage a great score but that was down to me, not the rifle.
The trigger is much better to use now than before, & it’s so much better with the air gauge re-fitted as I can now keep

track on the amount of air used. Checked the FPS over the Chrono and all’s well there and no air leaks.
Many thanks for all the help,
Best regards


SAYS Geoff Southampton.



Theoben Rapid MK2 .22cal FAC service & gauge/quickfill

Theoben Rapid Mk1 .25 cal FAC
service & gauge/quickfill



Good Morning Mike.

I thought you may be interested in a couple of updates on my Theoben Rapids you recently serviced

& fitted with quickfill/gauge units.Its great hte unit gauge and fill is OUTSIDE THE STOCK
So no modification to woodwork stock NEEDED.
The Rapid Mk 2 - 0.22 cal FAC it's shooting beautifully the gun is shooting like a dream - thanks to you.

I took the Mk1 - 0.25 cal FAC out last night, 1st time 'in anger' pest control for farmer friend with a rat problem.
In all the years I've had it, it's never shot better, laser like accuracy and hugely powerful.
Truly a formidable beast, thanks to your expert work.



SAYS Simon Oxfordshire.




Theoben Rapid MK1 .22 Calibre with low power issues.

Hi Mike.

Wanted to let you know the gun is shooting superbly, I'm pleased with the accuracy and consistence with the power.

I got 100 shots from the buddy bottle fill you did, I suspect I could get more and will test.

It is now much improved with your Regulator/Quickfill unit fitted. Before the power curve was just non existant.

As soon as the weather gets better I hope to do some HFT at a local club so will see how I do.

Thanks again for an excellent job.



SAYS Martin East Sussex.


RAW TM1000 .177 Target Rifle with consistant accuracy issues.


Hello Mike.
Just wanted to update you so far regarding the servicing, power curve testing & barrel work you carried out
on my Theoben RAW TM 1000 .177 target rifle.

Taking it to the range on 2 occasions so far, I have managed to get through several hundred testing shots.
I am happy to say the rifle is performing very well. It feels much more consistent, with the high and low shots

At my 55 yards bench rest shooting away from zero being greatly reduced.
I feel that any errors now are down to my shooting, the barrel issue internally you found, or bad pellets from the tin.

I have attached some test targets for you. The 4 middle targets have had ten shots at each using

JSB Exact Diablo .177 8.44gr 4.53. From 7:30am the weather on the range had a low breeze was overcast with light drizzle.

I took the pellets straight from the tin, as you can see the groups at 55 yards are pretty good for the conditions

I was shooting in. There are no unusual flyers outside of the targets over 40 shots.
I feel that with decent conditions and sorted pellets the groups would be even better.

I would like to thank you for your work servicing my rifle, supplying all the curve and power data and the barrel re-working.

I feel much better shooting my rifle now thanks to your hard work.



SAYS Nigel Berkshire.



HW 100 .177 Service Power reset & range Accuracy Test.

Theoben Rapid FAC .22 Complete Rebuild Custom Internals Quickfill & Gauge.
Full Power - Shotcount - Range Accuracy & Pellet Selection Test.

Hello Mike.
Thank you very much for the work you did on my HW100 target air rifle & my Theoben FAC .22.

I would like to say a big, big thank you to Mike at Airguntune for the work he has done on my two air rifles.

They have both been totally transformed. Mike's attention to detail and quality of workmanship is second to none,
and i have no hesitation in recommending Mike to all my friends and colleagues.
Well done Mike.
Best wishes


SAYS Steve North Devon.



HW 100 Carbine shot count improvement from 30 shots to 60 shots.
Hi Mike,
Just a short email to thank you for your help, which resulted a dramatic shot count increase & improved pellet velocity.
When I first contacted you, my air rifle was only producing a shot count of around 30 pellets with a low velocity.
It now gives me a minimum of 60+ shots & much improved more constant velocity - FANTASTIC !!
Thank you for your excellent help.
Best regards


SAYS Paul High Wycombe.


Airarms S410 .22
Hello Mike,
Just to say a huge THANKYOU. My AA S410 is shooting pellet on pellet and reaching 80+ shots all landing in the same place. This is remarkable for a Carbine. Having two Gunsmiths claim to have serviced my rifle then find it not the case, I was as you know very frustrated. You explained and showed me what was wrong with my rifle, then told me what was missing during its supposed last service by a Gunsmith. I was shocked at how I had been ripped off but more shocked at the results shown on your service etc. It is fantastic. You are truly a great precision engineer. I am so pleased you were recommended to me.
After crowing yesterday at the Gun Club about my pellet on pellet groups a few Members asked for your details, & please be assured I will be recommending you too many more airgunners.


SAYS David Dorset.


Theoben TM1000 .177 Target Rifle Issues.
Hello Mike,
just a HUGE THANKYOU for all the fine work you carried out on my Theoben TM 1000 which I put it back into FT use today.
RESULTS were my best score so far this season (33) so many thanks for your excellent work.
I thought I would have a problem sourcing an engineer competent to service my rifle and regulator, until the FT/HFT
Guys in Cornwall recommended you. Thanks again.


SAYS Gary Devon.


Airarms S510.22 FAC Extra.

Hello Mike,
This morning was the first opportunity I've had to try out my air rifle since I picked it up from you.
I have to say I'm impressed with the difference in the gun since you tweaked it, I zeroed it in at 35yds and put all ten pellets in a 1" circle then moved the target out to 45yds and again same result with a slight hold over.
I have purchased some scales to weigh my pellets and have to say the AA heavy fields were very consistent at 18.5 grains apart from two out of 250 which were different weights. More disappointing were the amount of misshapen pellets in the tin, I had to remove almost a third.
Thank you for sorting my gun out I will certainly recommend you to my shooting friends.


SAYS Martin Somerset.


Weihrauch HW100 .177 Varying power levels regulator problems & accuracy.

Hi Mike
I finally managed to get to the indoor range last weekend the rifle now functions perfectly without any problems thanks.
Getting 80 regulated shots from 200 down to 100 bar, the rifle is performing exceptionally well.
Managing to get consistent half inch groups at 35yrds without having to work too hard, in fact it became quite boring
I moved my target to 55yrds to give me more of challenge, still managing to hold good groups.
I also changed to AA Fi
elds 4.52 as you suggested, and I would say that they were marginally better than my standard pellet.
So it's AA Fields 4.52 for me in future.
I am really pleased with the work you did for me, so I know where to go if I have any future problems.
I will also recommend your fanstastic service and constant feedback services to any other Airgunners who may require them.


SAYS David Cheshire.

Weihrauch HW100 .177 power and accuracy issues.
The owner complained of no confidence with the accuracy against his fellow shooters with other rifle makes
A full power test then pellet selection test showed it to be dropping off at the higher pressure setting
We all know these have the mother of AT fitted, so any power adjustment is costly meaning new parts
In the end I managed to find a couple of methods of adjustment and can offer this on my List of Services Page.
End product the power needed was a slight increase but the owners confidence is now restored.!!!!

"Hi Mike
It was my first time out today & really pleased!!!!!
I can now reset a 50 yard target which is where I struggled before, where as my mate with the R10 would not.
I will now have to do an accurate trajectory chart, but certainly does seem a lot flatter now.
Thanks for all your work GREAT JOB".

SAYS Steve Gloucester.


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